The New Yorker

The Red Book- How To Play In New York City

This is not your typical tourist guide, nor a cozy welcome mat for fresh transplants who now call New York City home. Instead, this unorthodox manual spills the beans on the Big Apple's real playbook.

Uncover the New York code: Master the silent communication of raised eyebrows and exasperated sighs. Learn the art of subway survival, from dodging manspreaders to decoding the cryptic announcements. Navigate the bustling streets with the finesse of a seasoned local, knowing exactly who and what to avoid like a pigeon with a vendetta.

Discover the hidden truths about food trucks- not all gyro stands are created equal, and arm yourself against the creative cons of the criminally minded. This guide breaks tradition and spares no punches, providing the insider knowledge you need to survive and thrive in the city that never sleeps, but often side eyes. Welcome to New York. Play smart, or get played.

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